Leopard Print Butt Lifting Leggings


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Every Woman Actually Needs FIVE Animals

Chances are you've been told that every woman needs a mink on her back, and a jaguar in the garage, and a lion in the bed...as the story goes. But the truth is that you also need some leopard print butt lifting leggings, who knew? The jackass staring at you as you walk pass can eat your dust. Put on these leggings and make sure that this leopard has plenty of tail in the back.


Butt Lifting and Leopard Printing

Step out into the concrete jungle and let these leggings pounce on you. They're soft, gentle, and crawl up the waist with its high band fit. Run with speed and agility, or take a seat at the bookstore and read your favorite novel. The way these leggings growl means there's some serious horsepower under the hood--run them everywhere.

Key Benefits

  • Unique leopard print design
  • high waisted, butt lifting
  • Quality fabric that feels good on your skin



  • Fits true to size. No need to size up or size down.
  • Polyester, nylon material
  • Comfortable athleisure suitable for any setting


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